Things to do in Jeff City

Things to Do!

Missouri State Capitol

Dominating the skyline in all directions, Missouri's state Capitol is a monument to her citizens. The building rests upon a limestone bluff on the south bank of the Missouri River. It is 437 feet long and 300 feet wide at its center. The top of the dome towers 262 feet above the basement floor. The building, which covers three acres and has 500,000 square feet of floor space, is literally a museum of public art, remarkable not only for its quality and abundance, but as a faithful reflection of the themes, events and people of Missouri.

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Missouri State Museum

The Missouri State Museum is where visitors go to immerse themselves in the history of the Show-Me State. The museum, located in the State Capitol, houses an impressive collection of exhibits portraying the state's natural and cultural history. Museum staff provide tours of the Capitol. Jefferson Landing  was a busy center of commerce along the Missouri River during the mid-1800s. Steamboats traveling between St. Louis and Kansas City docked in front of the Lohman Building. The nearby Union Hotel contains the Elizabeth Rozier Gallery with changing exhibits on Missouri history, art and culture.

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Museum of Missouri Military History

The Museum of Missouri Military History is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of Missouri's military history. Current exhibits include artifacts from the Revolutionary War to the present era.

Items on exhibit outside include an F-15 Eagle fighter, F-4 Phantom II fighter, Sherman tank, Sheridan Tank, as well as a C-130 Hercules.

Photographs are allowed inside and outside.

The facility is located at the Missouri National Guard's Ike Skelton Training Center, east of Jefferson City. You will need to show identification at the center's main gate.

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Jefferson Landing Historic

After the seat of government moved to the city of Jefferson in 1826, the lower end of Jefferson Street became a lively commercial and transportation hub on the Missouri River. In 1839, James A. Crump built what is now known as the Lohman Building, a sturdy stone structure that would serve as a grocery store, warehouse, tavern, telegraph office and hotel for the growing capital city. After opening a grocery store in the basement of the west section, he sold the east section to John Yount and the center section to E. B. Cordell and James Dunnica. He then leased the upper floors from the three co-owners and opened the Missouri House hotel. The area became known as "the landing," and Crump's hotel earned a reputation as a meeting place for rivermen and legislators.

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Missouri State Penitentiary

The Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP) was decommissioned in 2004 and now serves as a great historic landmark in downtown Jefferson City. Visitors can choose to take a history, ghost, or photography tour, and will walk through several incredibly historic housing units, the vast upper yard of the property and the gas chamber, where 40 men and women were executed. Also available are paranormal investigations where you will hear about the first-hand ghostly sightings at MSP and hunt for paranormal activity! Have a group of students looking for an unforgettable learning experience? All of our tour types can be adapted for student groups!

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Lewis and Clark Monument

The Lewis and Clark Trailhead Plaza was dedicated in June 2008.  Located on the Missouri State Capitol grounds, the monument is on the corner of Capitol Avenue and Jefferson Street.  The trailhead plaza will serve as a center for future connections to the Jefferson City Greenway System and Katy Trail State Park. 

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